St. Peter’s


The cockerel

St. Peter’s Church, together with The Bridgwater Drive Church LEP and Saint Stephen’s are now part of the LifeStreams group of Churches.

This process is involving a new way of thinking about how we can be God’s people in this place.

For this reason, in the next few months, the websites of the three churches will be combined into one new LifeStreams website. This website will cease to exist, but will automatically link to the new site.

The same will happen to our Facebook page, and out Twitter feed.

This is an exiting new start and we hope you will support us by liking and following the new pages.

Welcome to St. Peter’s Church Westcliff-on-Sea. An Anglican church in the Diocese of Chelmsford in Essex.

Although the emblem for St. Peter is normally the crossed keys symbolising the Gates of Heaven, we use the emblem of the cockerel. This reminds us of our frailty, that we do not always stand up for Jesus when challenged; we are human after all.

Since Rev Colin Baldwin became Priest in Charge, we are now in a group of three parishes. St. Peter’s, The Bridgwater Drive Church LEP, and Saint Stephen’s Prittlewell.

We are all part of a group called Lifestreams. More can be seen about Lifestreams here.

We would like to invite you to join in our activities, and will be most happy to meet you when you come to share worship with us. We are situated in Eastbourne Grove, near to Southend Hospital. For those who use Sat-Nav, the post code is SS0 0QF.