St. Peter’s


The cockerel

Welcome to St. Peter’s Church Westcliff-on-Sea. An Anglican church in the Diocese of Chelmsford in Essex.

We are pleased to be able to announce that Revd. Colin Baldwin was installed as Priest in Charge of St. Peter’s Westcliff with St. Cedd and the Saints of Essex (the full title of the joint benefice) “in plurality” with his current post of Priest in Charge of St. Stephen Prittlewell.

He said, “I shall be delighted, following the celebration of resurrection and new life at Easter, to begin to work with the people of St. Peter’s and The Bridgwater Drive Churches, alongside Saint Stephen’s. Together, we can build on what has gone before, whilst making a fresh start, with new impetus to restore broken lives, refresh the tired and lonely, renew a spirit of community.

I believe there is a bright and positive future where the Christian faith again becomes a real and important part of community life, not just in church buildings but at the children’s centre’s, schools, homes, hospital, airport, other places of work leisure and social spaces.

There are plenty of challenges ahead; developing and adapting our buildings to suit current and proposed usage; encouraging people to explore an authentic relationship with God; supporting pastorally and loving all people however old or young whatever circumstances in which they find themselves.”

We are looking forward to working with him, and the church at Saint Stephen’s Prittlewell.

We would like to invite you to join in our activities, and will be most happy to meet you when you come to share worship with us. We are situated in Eastbourne Grove, near to Southend Hospital. For those who use Sat-Nav, the post code is SS0 0QF.

Although the emblem for St. Peter is normally the crossed keys symbolising the Gates of Heaven, we use the emblem of the cockerel. This reminds us of our frailty, that we do not always stand up for Jesus when challenged; we are human after all.

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