Congratulations – you have a baby (or child of older years) and you want to have them Christened! Or it may be that you want to be Baptised.

At St Peter’s we think that’s a great idea and are ready to talk to you about your hopes whatever age you or your children may be.

We want to help you on your life journey and want to offer Baptism (Christening) in our beautiful church if that’s what you want. A conversation with us may be the start of you or your child’s journey of faith. For a child, it is a great foundation for life. For an adult, it may part of a long journey of faith.

To find out more, call in at the Parish Office between 7.30pm and 8.30pm on a Tuesday evening for a preliminary chat or telephone 01702-300402 and arrange to meet us.

Advice about Baptism is a website full of information about Baptism for children or for adults. Please get in touch with us, see Contact us page