Here are some links to organisations we support, or that you may find useful.

Church of England The Church of England website has much useful information about the Church. It also links to contemporary issues and current news events.
Chelmsford Diocese Details of the Diocese of Chelmsford. In our centenary year, this website will keep you up to date with events happening through the year.
Your Church Wedding Thinking of getting married? This site will provide you with with help in planning, and explain how to arrange a church wedding.
H.A.R.P. Homeless Action Resource Project is supported by St. Peter’s and provides support services to the homeless in this area. To find out more, visit this site.
Church Urban Fund Helping some of England’s poorest and most marginalised people transform their lives for the better.
The Jigsaw Project A charity supported by both Te Bridgwater Drive Church and St. Peter’s Church. This youth and schools project reaches out to the young people who attend schools in our area, and to young people who live in our area.
Inclusive Church An organisation working to break down the barriers to full inclusion at all levels of the Anglican Communion.
Progressive Christianity Network A network working to support open and contemporary Christian understanding
Loss – UK Facebook page. Helping families coping with loss.
Funeral Costs Help A comprehensive website which looks at and explains the costs and organisation of a funeral.

If you have suggestions for other sites we should have a link to, please let us know via the Contact Us page.